Hello again fellow Skin-thusiasts! This is the second installment of our periodic dermatology-diagnostic quizzing game. We intend to submit these quizzes on a bi-monthly basis, which will ultimately depend on our ability to attain access to volunteers' skin condition images and diagnostic background. To that end, we want to again thank The Consultant for Pediatricians Journal for access to their content.

While these games are designed to drive enthusiasm and engagement among SkinClick's skincare specialist users, we also want to use these games as opportunities for skincare clients to share their insights and experiences with the rest of the SkinClick community. 

We wholeheartedly believe that developing a sense of community and shared insight around individuals with similar conditions provides innumerable benefits across a host of issues, including: coping with/managing one's condition, and finding lower-cost/more-convenient treatments. 

We are emphatic about developing community discussions and support for our skincare client users. To that end, here is our 2nd Case: 
Image courtesy of the The Consultant for Pediatricians Journal.
A young boy presents with painful, cracked feet that limit his ability to play sports with friends. It has been a problem for years, and his parents are looking to cure it once and for all.

Is this an allergy to his athletic shoes, or could this be a dietary issue? 

Leave your guesses/experiences in the Comment Section, and check back on Friday for the result!

Image courtesy of Consultant for Pediatricians Journal.
Hello fellow Skin-thusiasts! 

We want to introduce the first of what we plan to be many "photo-diagnostic pop-quizes" that we will be presenting within the SkinClick Blog, directed toward our Skincare Special partners.

We believe that because the primary value-proposition SkinClick offers is clinical consultation via photographic analysis, we think it only fitting that we promote the educational benefits of clinical analysis via image-evaluation.

We also want to give credit where credit is due, and thank The Consultant for Pediatricians Journal for their help in creating these skincare pop-quizes ...

And with that said, on to the diagnostics!

Image courtesy of Consultant for Pediatricians Journal
Presented here is an 11-year-old girl who has had an intensely itchy rash on her left leg for the past 10 years. It has been slowly progressing in distribution, such that the rash now extends the entire length of the leg.

How would you diagnose these lesions, and how likely is it that treatment will provide long-lasting relief for the patient?

Leave us your answers in the Comments Section, and check back tomorrow for the answer.